Happy Birthday, ID. First Movers Club! Volkswagen has prepared a surprise for all ID. customers to mark the first birthday of its Facebook group: the ID. First Movers Club has opened up, just in time for the IAA MOBILITY in Munich. The group was previously reserved for early adopters of the ID.3 1st but will now be known as the ID. Drivers Club and all European ID. customers will be able to join up. What began in September 2020 as a digital meeting place for enthusiastic electromobility pioneers has developed into an active ID. community that is in a position to benefit from new momentum and additional experience.


The aim of opening up the Facebook group is for Volkswagen to instantly increase the opportunities on offer for ID. customers to receive background information, ask experts for assistance and chat with other ID. customers from all over Europe. “Our First Movers Club is a fantastic platform that allows people to chat about the joy of driving electric vehicles, share their stories, tips and tricks and learn from one another. A real community. And we are expanding it,” says Klaus Zellmer, Volkswagen board member for Sales, Marketing and After Sales. “More and more people are on the road with our ID. and our electro offensive is going full speed ahead around the world.” Silke Bagschik, Head of Sales and Marketing for the ID. Family and CMO for ID. Digital, adds: “Interaction with our community is extremely important to us and we always strive to give our customers something in return – such as expert advice from our specialists or on-site events that we organise for our ID. community.”

Last year, early-bird buyers of the Volkswagen ID.3 1st had the opportunity to participate in the ID. First Movers Club. Since then, these kindred spirits have been meeting up in their Facebook group, swapping stories and discussing the future of mobility. Volkswagen also initiated five optimisation surveys to provide the community with the chance to participate actively in further development of products and services. The high level of involvement and the great feedback received from the community by Volkswagen have ensured that this tool will be retained in the future.

The First Movers are also right at the front of the queue for new updates. For example, the First Movers were the first customers to have the option of loading the initial Over-the-Air Update for their car. The update will soon also be provided for all other ID. customers. Volkswagen had recently founded ID. Digital as a new, agile project unit. This coordinates preparation and provision of the updates and is oriented towards direct customer feedback.

By the time it opened, membership of the ID. First Movers Club had risen to around 3,400. Around 2,000 of these are “Daily Active Users”, i.e. users who actively participate in the forum on a daily basis. Since the community started in September 2020, more than 6,700 messages and 95,000 comments have been posted, and over 7,000 direct messages have been sent. “In the first twelve months, the immense amount of knowledge and the motivated reactions of community members made a significant contribution to the improvement of our products,” says Bagschik.

First ID. Meet to take place in Switzerland

This process is not just a digital event: it was in the ID. First Movers Club that the idea of an ID. Meet was first mentioned, the first real-life meeting for ID. enthusiasts. From 8th to 12th September, ID. drivers will meet up in Ticino to share their experiences. “The idea emerged in September 2020, after I had ordered my ID.3 1st,” says Daniel Ott, founder of the ID. Meet. “I was browsing in the ID. forums and the social media groups for the ID. Family and it seemed to me that there was a need for a community to meet in real life and talk about the ID. Vehicles.” Volkswagen is supporting the ID. Meet by supplying specialists and experts for presentations, as well as numerous vehicles. These include an ID.3 X (Performance) and the ID.3 Showcar from the trainee project in Zwickau.

Ott views the ID. Drivers Club as a valuable tool for helping people to identify with the Volkswagen brand. “The ID. Meet would not have been possible without this community. And it is of fundamental importance for people to meet up for real. That’s how they really do get to grips with a topic in a proactive manner,” says the Swiss ID. fan. “I consider the climate crisis to be the greatest threat facing humanity and electromobility must contribute to counteracting this.”


Article source: www.volkswagen-newsroom.com

Volkswagen is taking the next big step towards becoming a software-oriented mobility provider with its ACCELERATE strategy. Effective immediately, all ID. models will receive regular software updates via mobile data transfer. The updates had previously only been available as part of a test phase for customers who had registered with the “ID. First Movers Club”. The “ID. Software 2.3” offers new functions and optimises existing ones. Networking the entire ID. fleet will allow Volkswagen to lay the foundation for new, customer-oriented business models. Thus far, Volkswagen remains the only high-volume manufacturer to provide this technology for its customers.


“Full availability of our Over-the-Air Updates underlines the innovative capacity of Volkswagen and forms the basis for a completely new, digital customer experience,” says Volkswagen CEO Ralf Brandstätter. “At the same time, we are laying the foundation for new digital business models and hitting a key milestone in our ACCELERATE strategy.”

Over-the-Air Updates as the basis for new business models and additional revenue

In future, the company plans to provide its customers with free software around every twelve weeks to keep the vehicles up to date and improve the customer experience. Volkswagen is also aiming to generate increased revenue during the usage phase with new, data-based business models – for services and functions that the customer can now order as required, whenever these are needed. For example, this could be Travel Assist or improved battery performance for long journeys, or even automated driving at a later point in time. Volkswagen sees the potential to generate hundreds of millions in additional revenue over the next few years.

Focus on the customer

The Over-the-Air Updates are being developed in close collaboration with CARIAD, the Volkswagen Group's software company. “The new updates are a central functionality of the digital, connected car. They will quickly become normal for our customers, in the same way as they have for their smartphones,” says Thomas Ulbrich, Member of the Board of Management for Technical Development. “Software development is iterative and fast. We work in short cycles, like a tech company, and provide updates to our customers at correspondingly short intervals.”

Volkswagen also wants to stay in touch with its customers after selling or leasing the car, to provide digital services. “Vehicles that always have the latest software on board can provide an excellent digital customer experience and are therefore of the utmost importance for our future success,” adds Ulbrich. “Thanks to regular updates, the car will not just remain up-to-date – it will become even better.”

Update optimises functions for security and comfort

Some of the new functions affect the ID. Light, a light strip at the bottom of the windscreen. It now gives the driver information that can provide intuitive support for energy-saving driving, and when driving with the automatic distance control system “Active Cruise Control” (ACC). Image processing has also been improved for the multifunction camera, allowing it to recognise motorcycles and other road users even more swiftly. The same applies when driving in the dark. If installed, dynamic main beam control allows even more precise headlight regulation. The graphics on the central infotainment display become calmer and clearer, with more intuitive operation – showing how Volkswagen reacts to feedback from the first ID. customers.

The digital customer experience is becoming a focal point for all development steps for products and services across the entire vehicle lifecycle. As part of the ACCELERATE strategy, Over-the-Air Updates lay the foundation for new business models and customer-centric product optimisation.


Article source: www.volkswagen-newsroom.com

Volkswagen is making rapid progress in digitalising its sales activities and developing new business models. Today sees the launch of the Volkswagen AutoAbo subscription model in Germany. Customers can take out a monthly subscription for the best-selling all-electric ID.3 and ID.4 models – the ID.3 costs from EUR 499. “This will enable us to achieve a key milestone in our Business Model 2.0. As part of our ACCELERATE strategy, we are continuing our rapid and systematic transformation from car manufacturer to mobility services provider,” explains Klaus Zellmer, Board Member for Sales and Marketing at Volkswagen. In addition, Volkswagen will be launching its online leasing and sales offerings in Germany toward the end of 2021. Initially, to sell models from the ID. family, but the platform will later be made available to dealers to offer combustion engine and hybrid vehicles as well.

“A growing number of people don’t want to own a vehicle permanently, but would like the exclusive use ofone for a defined period. The Volkswagen AutoAbo is a flexible new subscription offering that is mid-way between leasing and car sharing,” says Zellmer. “We estimate that, by 2030, around 20 percent of our revenue could come from subscriptions and other short-term mobility offerings.”

In the months ahead, Volkswagen will be making more than 2,000 nearly-new used cars available via AutoAbo, creating one of the largest such subscription models in Germany. Customers can choose between the ID.3 and ID.4, so all-electric vehicles only. Volkswagen is thus marking a further milestone on its Way to Zero and extending its sustainable mobility offering for everyone. The subscription model has been devised in conjunction with Volkswagen Financial Services, which is the Group development centre for car subscription models.

Dealers to be fully involved

The AutoAbo model is available with three-month and six-month minimum subscription periods. Thereafter, customers can terminate their subscription whenever they wish. Zellmer says: “The contract covers everything except electricity.” In concrete terms, this means 800 kilometres per month and a full-service package with registration, roadworthiness tests, maintenance and servicing, insurance and road tax. As a special offer to mark the launch, customers can have a car delivered to and collected from anywhere in Germany with 14 days’ notice. In the future, cars will be delivered via the dealer network. You can find more information at www.volkswagen.de/autoabo.

The dealer network will be incorporated into the subscription model right from the start, for example, when it comes to maintenance and repairs. The network’s integration into the model will be intensified gradually so that dealers remain the Volkswagen brand’s face to its customers. At a later date, the plan is for customers to be able to sign up to a subscription at their dealer. “We will continue to make full use of the advantages of our strong dealer network,” says Zellmer.

Online leasing and sales to start at the end of 2021

At the same time, the company is making rapid progress in digitalising its sales channels as part of the ACCELERATE strategy. Just a few months after launching the AutoAbo subscription model, Volkswagen will be offering online leasing and online sales, initially for models from the ID. family but then also for new and used cars with any drive system. The dealers and their vehicles will be fully integrated into Volkswagen’s central digital marketplace at www.autosuche.de.

In this way, the car maker is seeking to reach a larger customer base and generate additional revenue. “We are responding to changes in customers’ purchasing behaviour and enabling them to conclude contracts at a dealer or online. In both cases, we need a strong online presence coupled with the customer proximity and local presence provided by our dealers. A strong brand is based on a promise and trust,” says Zellmer. The dealers will remain crucial partners in online sales as well. Customers will choose their preferred dealer to advise them, provide service and deliver their vehicles. The dealers will receive the same commission as if the vehicle had been ordered from them directly.


Article source: www.volkswagen-newsroom.com

Volkswagen is launching a new offering for bloggers and influencers, as well as representatives of NGOs, authorities and politics, science and education in time for IAA MOBILITY in Munich. On the Shaping Mobility Hub (www.shaping-mobility.volkswagen.com), users have access to exclusive stories, controversial discussions, detailed insights and extensive research options in the areas of sustainability, innovation, the fascination of electromobility and digital living.


With the Shaping Mobility Hub, Volkswagen Communications are expanding the range of topics on offer. The storytelling platform allows the media and interested members of the public to take a deep dive into the future of mobility, providing comprehensive information about the restructuring programme at Volkswagen in the core areas of future mobility, given extra impetus by the ACCELERATE strategy. After all, electric mobility is just the beginning – the bigger step is yet to come with digitalisation, software-based products and autonomous driving.

New formats: Fascinating, emotional and full of background knowledge

Important events – such as IAA MOBILITY 2021 – will also be livestreamed on the Shaping Mobility Hub. Those visitors who prefer to listen to audio content are also in for a treat: In the Shaping Mobility podcast, independent experts give insights into the mobility trends of tomorrow. The podcast will be released once a month. A text-to-speech tool is available for selected articles.

Topics from the Shaping Mobility Hub can be shared easily via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or e-mail. The content of the new platform is available in German and English. For users interested in more detailed information on products and models, the Volkswagen Newsroom (www.volkswagen-newsroom.com) contains the latest editorial media packages, while the Volkswagen page www.volkswagen.com contains model-related inspiration and information.


Article source: www.volkswagen-newsroom.com

On the occasion of the internationally anticipated reopening of the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin on August 22, Volkswagen and Nationalgalerie – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin are going to announce a two-year extension of their long-lasting partnership. This step underlines stability and sustainability of this collaboration which will particularly aim on prolonging and expanding the Volkswagen ART4ALL visitor program.


Over the years, the partnership has empowered a variety of acclaimed exhibition and performance projects including a series of eight 3D concerts by the electropop group Kraftwerk. The stage performances took place in 2015 in the Neue Nationalgalerie originally designed by Mies van der Rohe and comprehensively renovated by British star architect David Chipperfield. With its reopening the Neue Nationalgalerie will become part of the Volkswagen ART4ALL program offering visitors one day of free entrance every month. Similar to Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin where Volkswagen ART4ALL was originally launched and is now being continued, free access will be granted to exhibitions and collections as well as to different education programs.

The partnership is led by a joint commitment to aim for an inclusive access to culture and the arts by inviting a wide audience to cultural experiences. Benita von Maltzahn, Director of Cultural Engagement at Volkswagen, explains the approach: “By developing and firmly establishing ways to engage with culture we have offered many people with a chance to learn about artists and their work. We help to make knowledge, inspiration and education available to everyone interested, assuming our social responsibility as a company and bringing the idea ‘culture for all’ to life.”


Joachim Jäger, Director of Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin, adds: “Leave the temple, enjoy the museum. Volkswagen ART4ALL enables Neue Nationalgalerie to reach out for a wider and more diverse audience. This program is intended to attract people who haven’t visited our museum before and it is that kind of new program that it needs to try new museum formats.”

At Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin its director Gabriele Knapstein is convinced by this the partnership and the jointly developed event format: “Between spring 2018 and winter 2020, Volkswagen ART4ALL at Hamburger Bahnhof was not only used by numerous visitors but also received a lot of appreciation. During the lockdown, Volkswagen ART4ALL went digital and we are now sincerely delighted to continue and expand this successful visitor program over the upcoming two years.”


Article source: www.volkswagen-newsroom.com